Full Animation Series
Inspirations for College Dropout
Bear Icon, Sad Kanye, Warm Palette
Inspirations for Late Registration
Louis Vuitton outfit, Diamonds (song), Duffle Bag, Warm Palette
Inspiration for Graduation
Light Up outfit, Concept Yeezy's, Bright & Vibrant Palette coming out of darkness
Inspiration for 808's & Heartbreak
Dreary Background (sadness), Kaws Heart icon, Grey Suit, Rainbow Palette
Inspiration for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Royalty, Confidence, Red & Gold Palette
Watch the Throne Inspiration
Jay vs 'Ye, Video Game Characters (Super Powers), Detailed Graphic Shirts, Muted Palette
Cruel Summer Inspiration
Very mysterious, Bird (?) Outfit during Fashion Week, White Palette
Yeezus Inspiration
Minimalism, Iconic Masks, Loose fitting clothes, Muted Palette
The Life of Pablo Inspiration
Iconic Sweater, Newly released Yeezys, Ultralight Beam, Warm Colors
Prints & Stickers
The Evolution of Kanye Poster
All 9 Designs 
16"x16" on textured watercolor paper
Series of stickers
Back of Packaging includes a quote from the album

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