Short version: 
New York Based
Motion Designer
Animator ✍🏽🎬
Slightly longer version:
7+ years of experience as a creative problem solver for clients across music and entertainment industries. My spectrum of work has included Design, Animation, and Creative Direction while working closely with music artists to embody a fresh and engaging experience for fans in the digital space.

Webby Award winner and published via Instagram Music,  Harper’s Bazaar, Times Square billboards and a multitude of hip hop publications.
I'm currently the Lead Motion Designer at RCA Records.
If you’d like to have a conversation about a potential project please reach out to me via
Thank you.
- Chris "Heezy" Hurtt
📝 Selected Press
🤝 Selected Clients
RCA Records, Republic Records, Atlantic Records, Verve Records, NBA, Bleacher Report, Sephora
🗣 Additional Recognition
Steve Aoki, Harper's Bazaar Korea (Print), Faze Apparel, Golf Digest, The Pioneer
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